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by Narciso Rodriguez -
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To edit the course:
  • Click on the drop-down menu for the settings button found on the right upper corner. right_upper_corner
  • From there, you can turn the editing of the course on/off as needed.
  • Click on 'more,' menu at the bottom to open the ‘Reports’ menu options.
There will be an 'Admin' block added to every course in the right pane that will have additional resources. It has to be done in every course individually and we expect to have it done by January 15th. All new January courses already have it.

To unhide the left pane menu:
  • Click on the menu symbol found on the left upper corner in the blue ribbon. left_menu
  • That will open the left menu where you can find the 'Participants' menu and the 'Gradebook' among other features.
  • To close the left pane and increase your screen size click on the 'X' found in the same area.
The individualize course logo seen in the dashboard area in some courses is meant for display in the mobile version of Moodle, not for desktop display. Hence it will not show properly in some instances. This new Moodle version is 100% mobile compatible.

We are still working in some areas to complete the upgrade but if you have any additional questions or concerns please email us at

We appreciate your patience and support!