Applies only to those who self-enroll as individuals; does not apply to group enrollments in RT Programs


Because we are so sure that our courses will lead to your success on your NBRC exams, we guarantee our continued support until you pass. Specifically, if you successfully complete any RTBoardReview prep course and you fail the NBRC exam(s) for which you enrolled, we will extend your enrollment and our support until you pass.

Here's how our guarantee works:

  1. First, you must successfully complete your course. Depending on your course, success is defined as one or both of the following:
    • For Therapist Multiple Choice Exam (TMC) Preparation: either a high score ≥ 75% on every Unit quiz OR a high score ≥ 75% on the TMC mock exam.
    • For Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE) Preparation: achieving the Minimum Pass Level (MPL%) for both Information Gathering and Decision-Making sections on at least 15 of our practice simulation problems
  2. You then need to document your unsatisfactory NBRC results by faxing a copy to us at 732-741-9371. This report must be for an exam dated after the date you successfully completed your RTBoardReview course, as defined above.
  3. Once we receive your NBRC exam documentation, we will review your results, recommend appropriate remedial action, and extend your enrollment for an additional 60 days, with the same level of course support you originally purchased.
  4. To receive additional support beyond the initial 60 days, you must submit a new NBRC exam report documenting an unsatisfactory score. Each additional unsatisfactory NBRC exam report entitles you to an additional 60 days of enrollment and equivalent course support (as defined above).